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Initial Consultation: This takes around 45-60 mins and providing there are no contraindications, you will receive your first adjustment. During this consultation, we will take a detailed clinical history from you, conduct a thorough examination to understand the root cause of your problem, outline our findings and then, begin treatment.  You will have amble opportunities to ask any questions you may have. 

Follow up appointment: For standard appointments, we will review how you have been since your previous adjustment and begin.  Within a session, we pride ourselves on doing a lot of hands  on work with you, so if you are expecting a 2 min in/out appt, you may (not!) be disappointed. . A typical follow up session will include a combination of spinal manipulation / mobilisation, soft tissue techniques (massage / trigger point release) and some advice about how best to stretch / get some pain relief at home.

Healing takes time, it's not always linear, but by working together and really understanding what's going on with your body, we aim to have you feeling, moving and functioning better in the shortest timeframe possible

What to wear?

Singlets for women with shorts / tights / leggings is perfect. If we need you to undress to underwear (normally just initial appointment) then a gown will be offered but usually, clothes that allow easy access to your spine are perfect.  


As your local Family Chiropractor, we will endeavours to help every single person who walks into our clinic to the best of our ability. However, sometimes, we may not be the best person for you. In these cases, we will refer you to the most appropriate person to ensure you are receiving the care, investigations and management you need. 

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