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Doctor of Chiropractic, Lisa Gilson, graduated from the world renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic after 5 years of full time study. She has been in practice since 2014 and has worked in both the UK and Australia. 

She harbours a wealth of knowledge on all things chiropractic and has extended her study in paediatrics and pregnancy. She utilises a lot of gentle techniques to deliver very safe, gentle adjustments to our smallest patients. Having two children of her own, Lisa understands the importance of both pregnancy and paediatric care through what is such a special time. 

For those that prefer a more manual approach, Lisa uses a lot of diversified adjustments - the traditional "cracking" type adjustment commonly associated with chiropractic. For those who are worried about these adjustments or simply don't like the idea of any "cracking" there are a multitude of other techniques that we use. 

Chiropractic care really is for the whole family. We pride ourselves on using different approaches, techniques and recommendations of care for all our patients because everybody truly is unique and we don't just use a "one size fits all" approach, far from it. 

It's not uncommon for a session to include a combination of manual adjustments, soft tissue work, massage as well as advise on posture and some stretching and exercises for home. 

Lisa will be going on Maternity leave from mid March 2024 for a couple of months but all patients will be in wonderful hands with Laura & Georgia. Both have extensive experience across all fields of Chiropractic and bring a wealth of knowledge. They are a fantastic asset to the clinic.

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